The libexif C EXIF library

Digital cameras store a surprising amount of information inside each picture they take, in a normally invisible format known as EXIF. Everything from photo basics like the camera shutter speed and aperture to the GPS location and even the name of the camera owner can be hidden inside each photograph. libexif is a library that lets you access that data from within a computer program. Some simple applications called exif and gexif are also supplied alongside libexif that use it to view EXIF data from the command-line or GUI (respectively).


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Download the source code archive by choosing the Github repository link for the subproject you want (in the About section below) and navigate to its releases page (here's a shortcut for libexif). Old releases are available from the historical archive.


The libexif project supplies only source code packages. Helpful people around the world compile the source code and provide binaries for a number of platforms. Here is a list of some of the sites you can look. Please report any problems with these binaries to their respective maintainers and not to libexif project members, as we have nothing to do with them. In particular, check the version as it may not be the latest and may therefore suffer from known security issues.


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